Rose Quartz Crescent Moon Pendant
Rose Quartz Crescent Moon Pendant

Rose Quartz Crescent Moon Pendant

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Rose Quartz crescent moon pendant hand-wrapped in Copper.

Quartz is an ancient gemstone. Since early man, quartz has been thought to bring light to the world by harnessing the rays of the sun. Many believe in its ability to amplify energy, increase the speed and strength of healing, and nurture spiritual growth. 

Specific to Rose Quartz, this gem inspires love - both romantic and unconditional. It aligns more closely with the heart chakra and is believed to help the wearer heal (emotionally) and open up to new love. It is the natural birthstone to the Scorpio zodiac sign. Some believe it improves the romantic tendencies for Taurus and Libra.

In mythology and Tarot, the moon is about personal change, self-evolution, and spiritual growth, as well as intuition and the ebb and flow of life. The moon controls the tides, but it also influences our emotions and moods. It is a powerful celestial orb that can bring great influence in a person's life.

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This pendant is approximately 1" in length, with another .50" for the bail, for a total 1.5" in length. The piece has been left bright but can be oxidized for an antique finish. A polishing cloth is included in the jewelry box with the pendant.