Filigree Copper Hair Slide
Filigree Copper Hair Slide

Filigree Copper Hair Slide

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Wear your hair like the queen that you are with the Filigree copper hair slide.

How to Wear:

There are two pieces to a hair slide: the design and the slide pin. For a simple, classic look -

  • Start by gathering your hair into a low ponytail.
  • Grab your ponytail with your dominant hand flipped over, your thumb and index finger forming an upside down “L”. (Your thumb will be against the back of your head, palm facing up.)
  • Using that same hand twist your ponytail towards your wrist (clockwise for right-handlers and counter-clockwise for left-handlers).
  • Keep twisting until you'r satisfied. I usually twist 3 times.
  • Place the large design over your hair, then slide the pin through the circles. Be sure to slide the pin gently towards your scalp, then back up and out to capture the most of your hair. This will keep it held strongly in place.
  • You’re done! Try different styles: French twist, buns, French braids, or just simple pull-backs. No matter what, you'll look amazing (I knew that you would).

Each hair slide is made from 10 gauge metal that has been hammered to work harden it. This process creates a “dislocation” within the structure of the metal, hardening it so it becomes stronger and durable. The hammering also adds texture to the metal surface resulting in a more rustic/worn finish.

Each piece takes 2-3 business days to cut, shape, hammer, smooth, and ship. All hair slides come in a kraft box suitable for gifting, along with a polishing cloth. 

The design measures approximately 2” from side to side, with the pin approximately 3.25” in length.