Genuine, raw copper bangle bracelets

Copper Bangle Bracelets

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Genuine, raw copper bangle bracelets. 

Copper has been known for centuries and in many cultures to have healing properties. Because of it's electrical properties, some people believe it has an energizing quality of its own that can be absorbed through wearing it. That same energy is believed to improve flexibility, mobility, and the wearer's luck.

Copper can change color due to a chemical reaction with the air and/or skin. There is a long-standing belief that some individuals are allergic to copper, but this is actually very rare. Keeping your jewelry clean and dry will help prevent any skin discoloration. Your jewelry has been coated and sealed in jewelry wax to help preserve the look, but this will wear away eventually. Avoid applying anything but jewelry wax to seal your piece (despite rumors, nail polish should be avoided).

Select your bracelet size when adding this item to your cart. All sizes are in inches. Once I receive your order, I need to cut the metal wire, shape it , hammer & style it, and finally polish the piece. Please allow 1-3 business days for this before shipment.