Amitola Pendant
Amitola Pendant
ite fossil hand-wrapped in Sterling Silver
Amitola Pendant

Amitola Pendant

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Genuine rare Ammolite fossil hand-wrapped in Sterling Silver wire. 

Naturally created, this amazing and brilliant iridescent fossil is perfect for jewelry. Ammolite is an opal-like stone created over 70  million years ago from the seashell-like housing of ammonites. It is sourced in the Rocky Mountain range of North America, and despite its age, it is quite delicate. While most common in red and green, finding Ammolite in blue and violet colors is rare indeed.

Vibrating with the energy of the vast universe, Ammolite is symbolic of infinite growth, perfection, and protection. Many find the strength of Ammolite’s protective energies helpful in childbirth, relationships, and most emotional situations. The positive energy is said to aid in self-confidence and self-worth, too. You’ll find this works best with the base chakra. There is no association with birthstones or zodiac signs. 

This pendant measures 1.75”x.8”. It has been left in a bright finish but will darken/tarnish over time. A polishing cloth is included in a damask or green jewelry box suitable for gifting.